We host quarterly intensive integration retreats in Northern California, where Artem gives talks, guided meditations, and works closely with participants through a variety of methods and techniques.

Our retreats are beautiful, small gatherings of 10-15 practioners, held in a warm and intimate atmosphere of unconditional love, acceptance and non-judgment. During the retreats, Artem will guide you into the depths of your psyche, move you out of your comfort zone to face your past traumas and gently navigate you through them in a safe, accepting environment. You will move closer to a profound self-understanding, learn to allow unpleasant emotions to be there without judgment and shame, dive into your vulnerability and heal from within.

The typical duration of our retreats is 3-4 days and they are held in remote, secluded locations within a 2-3 hour drive from San Francisco and Sacramento. We always do our best to pick a spot with beautiful scenery and ample access to nature. Included in the cost of the retreat is healthy catered food with vegetarian options.

We welcome all sincere practitioners regardless of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual background and tradition. Our retreats attract a very diverse crowd of people!

On our retreats, Artem primarily focuses on emotional, energetic and bodily work through meditation and dialogue. They are a journey of deepening intimacy with onself, the journey of feeling and insight. Everyone cries and laughs at our retreats, and most people experience significant shifts in consciousness and perception.

It will be a somewhat intense, but a very productive, heartfelt and releasing experience. Each day we have 3-4 scheduled activities and workshops:

  • Dharma talks on specific topics
  • Dialogues addressing questions from participants
  • Guided and silent meditation
  • Music meditation
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Silent walks
  • Workshops:
    • Sacred Sharing. Unburden your mind by unfiltered, radical sharing of your thoughts and emotions. We learn to extend compassion towards oneself and each other by sharing our deepest struggles and listening non-judgmentally.
    • Radical Inquiry. Artem will help you bring the unconscious limiting beliefs of the ego to the light of consciousness, explore them with reason and let go of them through an emotional release in the safety of his calm, loving presence.
    • The Depth of Intimacy. We stengthen our ability of being intimate with each other and comfortable in each other's presence, by looking directly into each other's eyes, holding each others' hands and engagin in other gentle, non-invasive physical contact (optional).

In between activities, during meals and free time Artem is available for questions and personal guidance.

Upcoming retreats are announced on our Discord server in the #retreats channel, and occasionally to a wider audience on our Facebook page. If you want to be notified of all upcoming in-person gatherings, please add yourself to @in-person in the #roles channel.

Testimonials from participants

I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude from Artem’s teachings and attending this beautiful retreat with all of these amazing, tender, generous, and beautiful people.

Before I met Artem I never thought accepting yourself was possible, I thought it was something I would always have to strive for, and always wish I was more loving to myself than I was.

Artem has consistently helped me move deeper into my healing journey and find true acceptance of myself. Words cannot measure how grateful I am to him. I am blessed.

Thank you so much, love you, Artem. ❤️


During this retreat I had the immense pleasure and gift to meet Artem and many other wonderful people who have been truly accepting of me.

Never have I been in a setting where I felt extremely safe to express myself regardless of all the self-judgement I held within.

I cried many tears during this retreat because I felt terrified to be utterly exposed to others. I felt terrified of being seen. But Artem offered me his loving presence, which also served as a reminder that I can give myself this loving presence. I am always free to be myself.

It is difficult to see all parts of ourselves, so to have the privilege of exposing myself under the guidance of someone who has travelled this journey and alongside this wonderful group of people is truly a gift. The dharma talks from Artem were especially moving for me.

I’m so grateful to have this experience. Thank you Artem and to everyone who made this happen ❤️🥰


A group of strangers came together and risked deep vulnerability exposing their deepest wounds whilst Artem held up the mirror asking, “Is it true?”

Artem invited us to do the one and only thing you can do on the spiritual path: heal your past trauma that comprises the hard shell of the ego. The rest is grace; even surrendering is grace. I am grateful to all who participated in this retreat. I was moved and humbled by everything we shared. The talks and exercises were powerful and moving.

Artem, thank you for sharing your journey. You have a remarkable gift for expressing the ineffable clearly and concisely. I recognized and remembered much. Katya, you are the nurturing Spirit who feathered and made safe the nest for us all!


I've been a seeker since 2019, and have looked all over for answers. This was my first experience with Artem and the community, and it definitely won't be the last!

It was fun, vulnerable, and enlightening all throughout, and there was an infectious energy of authenticity and sincerity from everyone. There were a variety of unique talks and interactive workshops, with a couple that really dug right into the veils of ego then and there. If you come in raw and open, you won't leave unchanged...

Artem himself is a straight shooter. Very compassionate and direct, accessible, tough when necessary, and he draws from his own experiential wealth of knowledge to teach. Among the entire spiritual marketplace, Artem and his retreats are up there for sure; highly highly recommend!


It is a difficult thing to describe my experience in words, but it’s been profound. I am still raw but also fresh.

My most profound moment was when I realized, looking at Artem, and being looked at, that I wasn’t judged, that I was looked at with sheer looking, and this lack of judgment suspended my own judgment of myself, and I was able let myself go like I haven’t before, and I have experienced what I cannot describe in words.

I also talked to Artem about my deepest wounds, and my confusion dissolved in his simple clarity. I have learned something that penetrated me, and never clicked with me until now: living is about falling in love with every single part of your experience, all of it.

I am truly very grateful. Thank you for giving me your time and attention.


With Artem's help, as well as our lovely group's support, I have broken through a layer of self-rejection to find a lasting sense of relaxation and contentment so profound I can physically feel my muscles holding less tension now. Anyone with the heart to come to a retreat with Artem and the community he nurtures will be richly rewarded with a deeper knowing of the accepting grace that is our innermost nature. Thank you Artem, I look forward to seeing you again. ❤️


It was an absolute pleasure to attend and to witness Artem as the truly loving human being and masterful spiritual guide and teacher that he is. If you were unsure about attending previously, consider this your confirmation that it was beautiful, and real, and touching. Thank you Artem for what you do. ❤️


I knew about Artem previously from reading his Quora answers and interacting with him on his live streams, but I was impressed with his insightfulness during the group dialogue with him.

During this retreat, I was able to open up and be more vulnerable than I ever have with other people.

Every person cried during the Radical Inquiry exercise. Even three people who did not think they would cry eventually did. It was beautiful. Initially it was difficult to allow myself to cry, but soon it felt natural, and it was a great relief.

By the time I left the retreat, I felt close to the people there. As an autistic ADHD individual with social awkwardness, I never felt the deep sense of belonging and acceptance in a group that I felt at this retreat.

I did not realize how freeing the mutual letting go and acceptance for one another can be.

Thank you to everyone who made this retreat possible. Thank you to Artem for providing the space for us to be emotionally vulnerable and intimate with each other.


I didn't have much on my mind when I came to this second retreat, I was mostly looking forward to seeing my friends from the group. Yet, to my surprise, Artem helped me to uncover things that needed my attention. They bubbled up to the surface almost effortlessly and I was ready to welcome them without hesitation.

The group support is unsurpassed. I felt safe, accepted, and loved by everyone. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we colored. We learned from each other and played together. We sparked genuine friendships and deepened existing ones.

The weekend was full of activities. We had daily silent walks that helped me relax and connect with myself. We had talks on topics such as self-love. We had delicious and healthy meals and snacks.

I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with themselves. It is worth every penny and every minute. The only thing I didn't like was that it had to end.

I am so grateful to Artem, Katya and the group for creating such a wonderful space. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll see you again soon!


What can I say, another True Freedom retreat in the books and just as impactful as the first one. This retreat I challenged myself in new ways and learned to find resource in myself during times I least expected I could find it. It was hard, lonely, and scary at times, but also encouraging, rewarding, and relieving.

Thank you to all you who witnessed me and supported me. And thank you Katya and Artem for your time and effort, I greatly appreciate you both! ❤️